Attack of the B-Team Servers: Server list for the Technic Launcher Modpack Attack of the B-Team

Attack of the B-Team Server for everyone. New FTB Infinity Servers can be found here. This minecraft server list was created to help you find a suitable B-Team server.

This Attack of the B-Team Server List includes multiple filter options. We recommend to look for a server which is in your region, as most of the technic servers are not located in a high quality datacenter with good backbones, which reduce the latency over huge distances. We provide multiple filter options for you to support you at finding a good Attack of the B-Team server which fits your needs. Possible options are country, categories, online players and votes. If you have your own Technic B-Team server and are looking for some new players to join you in the battle, of course you can add your server for free to this list, no matter if it is whitelisted, greylisted or public/open. We are glad for every new server, as a large supply of servers leads to improvements and creativity of every server and makes the game experience only better for the players.

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Attack of the B-Team Modpack

The main topic of the new "Attack of the B-Team" Modpack from the Technic Laucher is carzy mad science. So the modpack includes a bunch of the wackiest mods the B-Team could find. Some known mods of the modpack are Galactica Craft, Advanced Genetics, Minefactory Reloaded, Chisel, Carpenters Blocks, Biomes o'Plenty, Morph, qCraft, Sync, Thermal Expansion and Witchery. So we will see nice biomes generated by Biomes o'Plenty, crazy Science by Sync, Morph, Advanced Genetics, (Witchery) and qCraft and a lot of design mods which allow us to build crazy buildings like Carpenters Blocks and Chisel. Psst, there is a mod called World of Dinos which adds detailed 3d model dinos ;).

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